Dagna Fleckenstein_engl

On the death of our Board member Dagna Fleckenstein:

"The best thing
a person can leave is a smile on the face of those who think of him." Unknown author

If a sentence is true on any man, then to our deceased member Dagna Fleckenstein. As she met anybody with a smile, she conjured a smile up in the face of her counterpar.

There was hardly anyone who did not like Dagna. She was one of those gifted people who have a flair for others and meet them open-minded and benevolent. "She was a lady," our Scottish friends would say for sure.

Despite her many talents, she never pushed to the forefront. Her language ability, her creativity, her domestic skills, her sense of all that is beautiful just had to provoke admiration.

To her talent for languages: In Croatia, born and raised she has learned to speak German as fluently and without an accent that no one would recognize her as a foreigner. The same was true for her English skills. As a young woman she learned the language a long time as "au pair" in a Glaswegian family. Typical of Dagna she has never lost contact with this family. A lifelong friendship bound her with her "Glaswegians". Naturally she was very interested in everything Scottish. Dagna was our expert on Scottish culture and art.

For her creativity and sense of beauty: So tastefully and comfortably as she had made her home, she wanted itas well in her club function for the members. She provided the example of the blue tablecloths and came up with the idea with the crossed white bands on like the Scottish St. Andrew's cross. She tinkered from shashlik sticks, blue and white paper all the flags for the tables. Whenever a problem occurred, Dagna had a solution.

Her house womanly qualities: Dagna was a gifted cook. Who remembers the club failing to follow their delicious Mediterranean appetizer plate, or the delicious cakes and desserts, which she gave to our famous dessert buffet? She was, grab and help - without complaint or excuse.

Although slammed by dreadful disease never a word of whining came from her lips. She has never given up hope, was always optimistic. Despite the terrible pain she has tried to attend our board meetings and all club events. Even from the pain clinic shortly before her death, she has expressed in an e-mail the hope to help during the visit of the Brass Band. But...

We mourn about a wonderful woman. And yet, when we think of her, a smile is on our faces, albeit a very mournful.